Had the food. All of the food.

Oh man, I so fell off the wagon today. Like properly.

Imagine a skateboarder eating a load of concrete, just the most violent faceplant – the sound of a 1000 eggs cracking as he hits the floor, teeth going everywhere, face covered in a slimy layer of blood, spit and tears, broken jaw and mangled tongue. 90% of his skin now effectively transferred to the tarmac and with no teeth or tongue left to speak of (or articulate sounds with), *uuuuoooooofggghhhh* is all he can say. The thick, blood-infused drool making its stringy way out of his mouth drowns out most of it, but we can all figure he’s trying to say that he’s not feeling so hot. Oh boy. Oooh boy. That’s gonna be sore in the morning. Get a bag of peas out of the freezer, will you, oh man, yeah… hmm…

Ok, maybe not that bad. I was just really getting into that image of a badly hurt skater.

But I had ~2000 kcl today and it’s just simply more than I burn in a day and that sucks.



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